"Shift Pavilion" is a proposal for any trail such as those found in public parks. The program and function of the project come from further inspiration channeled from via a song. The trail is representative of the path taken by those on a journey. In this case one could call this journey "life". The Shift Pavilion will act as an observatory/changing station for joggers and bikers, as well as a resting point. At the South end users can enter the pavilion to access two immediate changing stations. At the North end users can seamlessly divert from the main trail to walk on top of the pavilion via a path the structure creates. The Pavilion houses two areas for observation; an internal observatory that faces East from it's center and an external terrace open to all directions.


The Pavilion's structure and form represent a timeline. This timeline is roughly translated from the song through my analysis - one end is pristine, whole, and solid. In other words it is new. This side represents a GENESIS or a BEGINNING. The other end of the structure is worn and eroded. It reflects the END. Numerous factors could be reasons as to how a solid form can gradually become an eroded version of its formal self but the most interesting factor of the idea this form represents is that the change can take place at either end. The roles of BEGINNING and END could be reversed and the transition could happen from the opposite side.

Beginning stages of form design. Form and shape were developed from the initial conceptual elements of CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

Program development in relation to form and conceptual ideas. The program literally evokes

change with users of the pavilion.

Further articulation of form details and features.

A portion of the sectional design process, thinking about the users experiences and program function.

Final stages of the design, displaying final form shape, materiality, and brief aspects of user interaction according to the chosen program.







shift pavilion