Excessive vacancy questions the city's value and potential. Some can afford to leave, others must stay. What becomes of the voids and gaps in the urban fabric?


In the near future everyone will rent. Rent will be determined based on the economic value of the city. The city does well, pay more. The city struggles, pay less. Everyone will have a chance to migrate and live in healthy habitats through the use of Migratory Housing. Transportable and affordable, the units will be able to aggregate based on tenant's income and vacant parcel availability.

Communal traits that were once present years ago have vanished with the people and culture that have moved on from the neighborhood. The Reboot Proposal suggests a revamp of the traditional neighborhood block/scheme to generate a village typology in hopes of reviving community and social catalysts. By utilizing vacant properties and parcels, Migratory Housing can be deployed inbetween existing structures to allow for new block configurations.