Creation of "Poetic Space" is the result of the conception of a small living/work residence designed with specific climate conditions. Although the design had to be appropriate for the climate, the space also had to be perceived "poetically".


Initially it was planned for the residence to be angled with the south side composed mostly of glass to absorb heat in cold winters. The house was also oriented in this manner so that the north most wall would face the prevailing winds. This side would be composed of thicker walls and be partially buried underneath a mound located on site to provide shielding and additional warmth.


After further development, the same idea was utilized but the mound was pulled away from the residence instead of buffering right against it. A new significant horizontal space was allowed to emerge as a result of the movement. This evolution led to the "poetics" of the project, creating one of two primary axes that were utilized. These axes were used to create routes or spaces of importance. Sculptures  were added at the ends of these routes/axes  as elements that could be viewed when at the appropriate position.

poetic space