The "Light/Shadow Map" was created as an intermediate study for the "Blurred Boundary" project. Before the final objectives were determined, a series of studies were done to discover design tools, elements and boundaries that may or may not influence the project's final form/nature. Various categories were available such as historic, hydro, program, etc. This particular study investigated light and shadow (as the name suggests) features of various cemeteries.


The map above is composed of two layers with a total of five sets of information. Each layer is paired, with a thin line and black dots plus a thicker line with foliage texturing.  The first layer is statistically or data driven. The thin lines represent paths of travel/distance (to scale) and the black dots along them are representative of pockets of shadow or significant shade created by tree foliage. The second layer is experiential, with no hard data to quantify it as it relies more on an innate translation. Each pair of lines can be linked with its appropriate cemetery at the bottom, starting from the left. So the first two lines of data belong to the Erieview Cemetery. The second set belong to Lakeview Cemetery, and so on. The maps on the bottom compare the scale of each cemetery as well as the amount of light/shadow created by foliage coverage.

light/shadow map